Tayo Aluko – Writer, Singer, Actor, Producer

Nigerian-born Tayo Aluko is an actor, singer and playwright, based in Liverpool, UK, where he worked previously as an architect.

His multi-award-winning play, CALL MR. ROBESON has been performed as far North as within the Arctic Circle and as far South as New Zealand, with a performance at New York’s Carnegie Hall in February 2012.

A radio play about Robeson, PAUL ROBESON’S LOVE SONG, was premiered on Robeson’s birthday, April 9, 2021, and is now streaming online.

His second full-length play, JUST AN ORDINARY LAWYER was premiered in August 2016 and has already been performed in five countries.

He is currently working on a third, COLERIDGE-TAYLOR OF FREETOWN, inspired by the life and music of the Black British composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, and his Sierra Leonean ancestry.

His art is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring progressive activism by showing how Black History is everybody’s history.

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Latest work:
Paul Robeson’s Love Song.
An audio play. Streaming as a video (with pictures) on African Theatre To Your Home, the streaming service by Utopia Theatre.
Click here to buy tickets. (free to supports on Patreon)


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