12. Marjorie Morgan
Liverpool, UK
Language: English
Added 28 August, 2020

Born: Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, 1960
Previously lived: Trowbridge, Gloucester, Woking, Bracknell, London, Yate, Northampton
Parents born: Mother: St Mary, Jamaica; Father: Manchester, Jamaica
Places parents lived: Mother: Jamaica, UK; Father: Jamaica, America, UK
Grandparents born and lived: Maternal line: St Mary, Jamaica; Paternal line: Manchester, Jamaica

Twitter: @MarjorieMorgan
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11. Miles Megaciph
Mobile, Alabama USA
Language: English
Added 25 August 2020

White Plains, New York USA 1974
Places previously lived: 
New York, Georgia, North Carolina, Cuba, Okinawa, Kansas 
Parents born:
to follow
Places parents lived: 
Mother-Harlem, New York; Atlanta, Georgia — Father-White Plains, New York
Grandparents born and lived: 
to follow
Other direct ancestors:
to follow
website(s)/social media:   Soundcloud   Facebook

10. Ngugi wa Thiong’o
Irvine, California

Language: Gikuyu
Added 14 August 2020

Born: Limuru, Kenya
Previously lived: Kampala, Uganda; Leeds & London (UK); Sweden; New York & New Jersey, USA.
Parents & Grandparents lived: Kenya

Poem exchange: No. 1
Tayo Aluko reads Dawn of Darkness
by Ngugi wa Thiong’o

9. Christelle Pellecuer

Bristol, UK
Language: French
Added 10 August 2020

Born: Madagascar, 1978
Previously lived: Foulpointe, Madagascar; Tamatave, Madagascar; Genolhac, France; Ipswich, UK, Bristol UK, London UK
Parents born: in Madagascar
Places parents lived: Madagascar
Grandparents born and lived: Madagascar
Other direct ancestors: Not so sure but I have both African and South East Asian blood in my ancestry.
website(s)/social media

instagram: @mschristellerosette / @razanaafrika


8. Schereeya
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Language: English
Added 4 August 2020

Born: 1992, Goldsboro, NC (a small rural town in Eastern NC)
Previously lived: Seattle, Washington, Durham, NC Lexington, VA, Washington, DC, York, England, Leeds, England
Parents born: Father- Dallas, TX; Mother- Kinston, NC
Places parents lived: Father- Shreveport, Louisiana, Dallas Texas, California; Mother- Jones County, NC, Nuremberg, Germany, Stillwater Oklahoma, Dallas Texas
Together- Seattle, Washington; Goldsboro, NC
Grandparents born and lived: Paternal grandparents: Dallas, Texas. Maternal grandparents: Jones County, NC. Nuremberg, Germany. Korea. Stillwater Oklahoma. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Goldsboro, NC.
Other direct ancestors, going back as far as you can: Not sure about on the paternal side, but on the maternal side my direct ancestors all lived and grew up in Jones county as far back as my great great grandmother who was a slave in Eastern NC.

website(s)/social media: 
Instagram- @ Schereeya
Twitter- @ ayeerehcs

7. Dr. Anita Franklin
Derbyshire, UK.
Language: English
Added 31 July 2020

Born Philadelphia, PA, 1958
Raised in Brooklyn, New York
Lived in San Diego, California
Honolulu, Hawaii
Leeds, UK
Father born in Philadelphia,  ancestors from Georgia.
Mother born in Edgefield, ancestors from islands off South Carolina and Florida

6. Mosa Mpetha
Leeds, UK.
Language: English
Added 28 July 2020

Born: Liverpool, UK 1989
Previously lived: Liverpool, UK
Parents born: Mother: Devon, UK // Father: Cape Town, South Africa
Places parents lived Mother: Devon, UK > Canterbury, UK > Liverpool, UK // Father: Cape Town, South Africa > Liverpool, UK > Gauteng, South Africa
Grandparents born and lived Maternal: Devon, UK // Paternal: Cape Town, South Africa
Some key ancestors on the paternal side: Oscar Mafakafaka Mpetha (Great Grandfather) 1909 – 1994 & King Mashiya of the Hlubi Tribe, early 1700s.
website(s)/social media  @MosaMpetha (Twitter)

5. Keith LaMar
Supermax prison (Death Row) Youngstown, Ohio, USA
Language: English
Added 25 July 2020

Born: Cleveland, Ohio. 1969
Where previously lived: Cleveland, Ohio
Parents Born: Cleveland, Ohio
Grandparents Born: Grandmother in Birmingham, Alabama; moved to Detroit with parents during great migration, met and married grandfather, who was born in Georgia, and they moved to Cleveland so grandfather could work in steel mills.
Time inside: 31 years; in solitary for 27; on death row for 25.


4. Dave Donald
Glasgow, Scotland
Language: English
Added 19 July 2020

Born: Glasgow, Scotland, 1979
Parents born: Glasgow
Other direct ancestors: Scotland & St. Kitts

3. Ghislain Muhiwa
Language: French
Goma town/DRC.
Added 17 July 2020

Born : Kibirizi, DRC,1990
Previously lived : Goma town, Beni.
Parents : Born in Lubero région.
Grand parents : Born in Lubero region in North Kivu province/RDC.
Organisation website:

2. Clinton Manujibeya

Rome, Italy
Language: Italian
Added 17 July 2020

Born: Rome, Italy, 1992.
Previously lived: London, Nantes, Redon, Amsterdam, Heidelberg.
Mother born: Nigeria
Instagram: ogisodomanino


1. Tayo Aluko.
Liverpool, UK
Language: English
Added May 28, 2020

Born: Ibadan, Nigeria, 1962
Previously lived: Lagos, Nigeria; Blandford Forum, Dorset, UK; Bath, UK; Canterbury, UK; London, UK.
Parents: Born Ilesa region, currently Oyo State, Nigeria. Lived in Osogbo, Ibadan, Lagos.
Grandparents: Born Ilesa/Ekiti region
Living in Liverpool, UK


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