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  1. Ah, this is the surprise Bonnie alerted me about! It could not be more wonderful and I could not be more delighted. Thanks a million Tayo.

  2. “NATO’s war on Russia”? Sorry Tayo you’ve got that wrong. Russia is an authoritarian state with a cruel and genocidal government that has committed aggression against Ukraine and many, many war crimes. Can’t possibly agree with your mischaracterisation. You sound like a 1960s CP member, blind to reality.

    • Hello John,
      Thanks for your comment. I did expect someone to react that way.
      I don’t actually disagree that much with your characterisation, but we live in a country in which protest is becoming increasingly illegalised, not to talk of the corruption, media blackouts, incarceration of journalists etc. I’m not blind, just more sceptical than you, John. You probably haven’t read my blog: How Micro-Aggressions Go Nuclear (Notes from a sceptical Nigerian in England)
      Let me know what you think.

    • Hello Gene,
      Thank you for the lovely, kind comment.
      I have only just seen your tribute. Absolutely wonderful. I take it you’ll be happy for me to share it far and wide, including in my next newsletter?
      All the best to you.

  3. (We have corresponded previously). I always enjoy your emails. I just want to point out a typo in the one I received yesterday where you mention Prince Andrew in connection with the Earthshot prize – Earthshot was launched by David Attenborough and Prince William, Prince of Wales, and Prince Andrew is not involved ….

    • Thank you, Marion.
      Yes, I think that’s what’s called an Elizabethan slip.
      I am pleased to say that I haven’t yet been summoned to the Tower of London for detention, or worse…

  4. Teresa Williamson-Akpan

    HI Tayo, now that is activism and then some! Applauding! So important to join the dots, all one struggle.

    Free political prisoners
    Free the children
    Free our minds
    Free the indigenous
    Free the enslaved
    Freedom is a right
    Free Mother Earth

    Enjoy Edinburgh!

    I saw Joseph’s exhibition, would have bought many, particularly Pastor Daniel Ekarte and Paul Robeson. The Chants, better than the Beatles.


  5. Sorry to hear of the ‘positive’ trip to Greece….such a shame but yes there will be others. Good luck with all your future endeavours and Edinbourgh! Och aye!

  6. An interesting and informative newsletter.
    I would come and see you again and tell others
    if you’re back in Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA

    • Thanks, John. It would certainly be great to go back there. I (or I should say we) just have to figure out how to make it economically viable! All the best.

  7. Grahame Higginson

    Tayo, your newsletters get better and better, and the links you provide to other sites are particularly useful. I first saw you perform “Call Mr. Robeson” at the Edinburgh Fringe, many years ago (possibly your first appearance there?) and I have enjoyed following your career ever since. I hope you have a very successful season there this year. I recently heard you on BBC Sounds as the voice of Olaudah Equiano, and I thought it would be excellent if you could work up a show to do for him what you have done for Robeson, and possibly also a show as Frederick Douglass. With great admiration, from a fellow Socialist and Trade Unionist,

  8. Lillian Amah-Aluko

    So sorry you didn’t get to do the film but surely, many great things are in store for you. Looking forward to your new screenplay being made into a film. Stay safe as you travel around the glove. Much love.

  9. Shocked to hear of your arrest Tayo.

  10. Alison Stancliffe

    Standing in solidarity with all you’re doing , especially regarding Palestine. I expect you know about B’Tselem. Their latest newsletter documents the not so covert operation to take over Palestinian land in the Jordan Valley. The expulsions there are shocking in the extreme – fuelled by the amoral greed of agribusiness interests as much as the better known settler land hunger. I learned about this first from the admirable Amos Trust – also known to you I hope.

  11. Best wishes. Keep up your performances, I attended your Robeson performance in Cambridge, Ma. .as I told you, a private concert by Paul Robeson is one of the high lights of my life. I hope your citizenship remains intact. Mary McCormick.

    • Thank you so much! Fingers crossed for my citizenship. I don’t believe I’m in imminent danger, and any more at risk than hundreds of thousands of others. Stay well.

  12. Another terrific newsletter, Tayo! I especially enjoyed the video.

  13. Our best wishes, Tayo Aluko,
    It is a long journey that has no ending.
    Good luck,

  14. Alison Stancliffe

    All power to you, Tayo and congratulations on your residency award.

  15. Another tremendous newsletter, Tayo! I especially enjoyed “Leftist Pinko Scum.”

  16. Thank you for the 2 great poems, “Petals of Peace” and “Face of Britain”
    I heard you in Vancouver and have been privileged to receive your newsletter over the years since. Keep up your fine work.

  17. I’d like to echo Tayo’s sentiments wth regards to the considerable loss of the recently late African American journalist, Glen Ford.

    As a former Black Panther Party member, there was no diminishing of this guy’s consistent and unshakeable commitment to the defence of the Black community.

    As a journalist, his efforts not only demonstrated the highest level of integrity but also that all too rare principle in today’s mediaworld of, in the words of Margaret Kimberley (his close colleague and co-founder of the all-essential ‘Black Agenda Report’), “…afflicting the comfortable while comforting the afflicted”.

    He was never scared to tell the truth when others dare not speak it. In fact, I credit Ford completely with being the very first commentator to make me think more than a little carefully about the prospects of Obama becoming the first ‘Black President’, during his presidential campaign, all the way back in 2008.

    A committed and loyal defender of the Black cause who, nevertheless, not once wavered on his professional principles, Glen Ford will be sorely missed by Black people the world over!

    …And it is very good to see that Tayo Aluko considers him worth the mention!

  18. Great to see Tayo Aluko going from strength to strength despite Covid restrictions – a great performer and man with progressive politics and a deep humaniatarian outlook. I hope he continues touring and performing wordwide and spreading the message of that deep humanity that binds us and brings to life our forgotten history.

  19. Thanks Tayo. Much appreciate your newsletter. Keep well and safe.


  20. Hello from Valerie and Yvon in Vancouver! More accurately now almost permanently in paradise on Denman Island ( 35 degrees here today). We are left breathless at all your activity, productivity, and thoughfulness, proud to be your friends. Looking forward to the next delivery of Battenburg cake….

    • Hello both. Ah, Denman Island – how nice! I do look forward to bringing the cake to you again sometime. Be well, and thanks for your kindness and friendship across the pond.

  21. Solidarity greetings – have just listened to Paul Robeson’s Love Song – an emotional rollercoaster weaving together the past and present struggles for racial justice in the United States with personal stories around the life of the great singer and actor Paul Robeson. The thought provoking images alongside the marvellous singing of Tayo Aluko and the wider team of his friends who came together amid lockdown make this a very special production indeed, and one that could not be more timely in the age of Black Lives Matter – many congratulations to all involved!

  22. I’ve just listened to The Forum podcast about Paul Robeson and though I already knew a lot about him & his work, I didn’t know about your play about him. If only I had heard about you & your work before the podcast/before the pandemic: I would have loved to see a performance. I’m a privileged, white, middle class, middle aged, socialist lesbian woman still learning after all these years. Thank you for your fine contribution to my education.

    • Thank you so much for getting in touch, and for your kind words, and sorry to take a while to respond. I am so glad you got to hear it, and that I have been part of your education. Do let me know if you’d like to order a DVD (£12), or make a donation so that I can give you access to a recording online (£8)

  23. My daughter and I saw your wonderful performance in Boston last year! As I told you then, my father was a friend of Paul Robeson, and I had the honor of being invited to a “private performance” (at a rehearsal ) at the apartment of his accompanist, Mr. Brown, in Harlem, when I was a young girl. It was one of the highlights of my life! I hope you continue your performances, and are able to let the world know the remarkable story of Mr. Robeson’s life, as well as that of his wife, Eslanda, who I also met, having lunch with her at the U. N. where she had an office, along with my step-mother. My father, James Aronson, was one of two founding editors, (the other, an Englishman, Cedric Belfrage, of the National Guardian, a progressive newsweekly, launched in 1948. The two had met in Germany, at the end of WWII, where they had both been sent by their countries, to de-nazify the German press, and set up free German newspapers. Thanks again!

  24. Marquis de Vouvray

    All the best with all your brilliant projects, Tayo!

  25. Hi Tayo,

    I’ve just read your update to the last newsletter. The very best of luck with the upcoming performances and appearances.

    I really just wanted to say (more publicly) that it’s great to see that opportunities for you are slowly starting to pick up despite the continuing uncertainties surrounding theatre and the prospect of being able to perform indoors, due to the epidemic.

    On a final note, let me just congratulate you on the quality of the excellent vids you posted recently on YouTube. I believe they promise a great deal! The choice of subject and material you’ve made for your next project on Coleridge-Taylor, I think, will provide us all with the opportunity to enjoy yet another typically different performing experience and, hopefully, to learn much and discuss questions about the recent history of just one of the many parts of the world we all neglect to concern ourselves with more often.

    All my usual very best to you,

  26. Thank you for sending me this information and I look forward to receiving more updates. Great little newsletter

  27. Great newsletter, words I want to (and will) quote, and congratulation on your new work, looking forward to reading more of your work and especially, seeing you on stage soon. Piroska (The kebab-woman)

    • Indeed, I remember you. Thank you, and I do hope it won’t be too long before we get to meet again.
      All the best,

  28. Very beautiful newsletter, Tayo! You’ve changed the format and it looks great. Content too, of course.

  29. Teresa Williamson-Akpan

    Hi Tayo, always enjoy your epic comments. Yes we truly are living in a dystopian nightmare from which I hope we wake, soon, for the sake of the children in this country who ask for none of our politics but are forced to suffer the most. Until my dying day I will never understand how poor parents/guardians, voted to keep their children in hunger and misery for the next five years,in the pursuit of Brexit. Have a peaceful Christmas, good luck for 2020.

  30. A beautiful, heartfelt piece of writing Tayo. Keep up the great work. Peace.

  31. Keep up the good work Tayo.


  32. I hope that you are well my friend. We met in Charlottesville Virginia some years ago. I enjoy that you tell your friend what’s happen with you periodically. Take care.


    • Thank you, Rick. Good to hear from you. I am well, and hope you are too.Maybe I’ll back that way again before too long.

  33. Hello Tayo. Very interesting reading. When next are you in Nigeria? It would be lovely to see you again.

  34. Tayo Aluko, it was pleasant meeting you yesterday at the reception honouring another legend of our times: a Teacher, a Mentor, a Mother and a Friend Mrs Edna Jane Deinyo Soyanwo(EJD) an epitome of Aging Gracefully. I certainly am look forward to attending one of shows in Dublin come March. Keep us in the loop and see you when you visit our Emerald Isle, the land of ten thousand welcomes!

  35. An enjoyable evening with a excellent script from Tayo. What a wonderful way to celebrate Paul Robeson’s achievements, trials and life.

  36. Great idea to be doing Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

  37. Teresa Williamson Akpan

    Hi Tayo amazing to see you go from strength to strength after planting the seed all those years ago, this project is now a mighty oak. Congratulations on all you have achieved while taking history to the masses including me, real history, the truth. Continue doing what you are doing, the world needs it, it is necessary. Best wishes for the coming year 2019 whatever that looks like. Look forward to your new play sometime in the future. Regards, Teresa

  38. Hi Tayo, have seen you perform in The Mermaid Theatre in Southwark and ealrier in another theatre in London so I have appreciated and shared the excellent acting you do, with others I know. I’d love to get involved in the Samuel Taylor Coleridge project being someone fascinated by the Sierra Leone connection shown in his life, besides caring for literature on the world stage.

  39. Regarding Denzel Washington:
    A conversation from long ago…
    My mother in law: He’s very handsome, but I take it from the swagger that he knows it?
    Me: He does know it, but the swagger is due to flat feet.

  40. Tayo not only delights his audience, but teaches us so much!

  41. Saw “Just an Ordinary Lawyer” tonight at Edmonton Fringe. Amazing show! Tayo Aluko has a commanding and captivating presence as well as an incredible singing voice, and I enjoyed every moment of his performance. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for future shows!

  42. Fantastic show! We felt we went back in time and experienced Mr. Robeson in person. Would love to attend one of his shows again!

  43. Hi Tayo

    Greetings from Wellington, New Zealand. This is Louise Gibbs’ brother.
    I still remember fondly your visit to Wellington – your performance in that amazing old house and our dinner after with my mate Ranji. It’s great to catch up on your newsletter and see what you’ve been up to. I’m going to visit Louise next year in the UK and might have opportunity to catch you up again. Best regards & blessings

    • Belated greetings back to you, Ernest. I’ll definitely arrange to see you this side of the world when you come, and hope to get to yours again before too long. Take care.

  44. Mavis Degirolamo

    I am so grateful you are fine after the ordeal of a self combusting vehicle! It is awesome that your talents are recognized by so many as your messages are vital to creating understandings.
    I look forward to seeing you again next year in Victoria. Be well, Tayo, and please take care….I hope that you find moments of peaceful thought in our world that is so plagued with mistrust and chaos everywhere! Hugs and love…

  45. Good work well done! Carry on the world needs people like you. Art changes lives although you’d be amazed the provincial English retired to Scotland here think it’s only about “entertainment”. Sorry to hear about the car but having just returned a new car I had for a while in exchange for a 19 yr old Honda with 146000 miles I can recommend my policy if driving old Japanese cars. It cost me £595, goes like a rocket on cheap LPG and has electric everything: leather seats, sunroof, wing mirrors a cassette player (!) a CD changer – remember them??? They have burned off CO2 emissions from their manufacture and it’s the eco way to drive as well as the cheapest. Japanese old cars Toyota, Honda the best.

  46. It was with joy that I read you lead a masterclass in Canada. Does that mean you will do more teaching in other places, America (NYC), U.K. (Liverpool, Manchester, London, etc?). If Helen Mirren can lead masterclasses in acting, so can you brother!
    You’ve paid your dues and are a wonderful teacher. Blessed, be.

    • Thanks, Martin. Yes, it was a real joy, and wherever the opportunity arises to do that, I’ll take it with open arms!
      Peace x

  47. Elizabeth Mancke

    Since seeing your two performances in Fredericton, I have given considerable thought to the hidden-in-plain-sight fact that people from the African diaspora have offered the most consistent cross-cultural, humanitarian witness-bearing in the world, one that crosses more forms of human boundaries and more effectively than any other and is adopted more frequently than any other. As an historian I am fascinated by what is implied by the tension between this global cultural gift and enduring racism. May your voice continue to be heard for many years. In appreciation.

  48. Happy New year Tayo and we’ll done for keeping the faith! Wish you a productive artistic season in 2018.

  49. Gabrielle Robinson

    Wow Tayo ….that’s some schedule!!! Good luck ….will forward to friends where you will be performing…. Love your work

  50. Sorry I missed your phone call. Sounds like it went well with Holly.
    Congratulations on a good tour in Eastern Canada. Good to hear from you.


  51. Mr Aluko,

    I had the privilege to see you preform Calling Mr Robeson tonight in Fredericton. I felt that the whole audience was connected to each other by the story you brought to life. Thank you.

    I read once that “every act done with your full intention is a prayer” ; I felt that your show was a prayer.

    I could go on and go on attempting to articulate what a gift your show was (I do not have your gift of succinctness!), but I do not think my writing could convey.

    With admiration and warmth,

    • Dear Aimee, Thank you so, so much! It felt very good tonight, and I really felt the connection very strongly. I feel blessed to be able to share it with people like you. Do spread the word! Best wishes.

  52. We saw Call Me Mr Robeson at the Unity – wonderful.

    On the next tour please try to take it to the Square Chapel Arts centre in Halifax, W Yorks. Our friends will love it and we can see it again!

    • Thank you Dave. You might want to contact your friends and ask them to contact Square Chapel to recommend me. I have actually done Call Mr. Robeson there once before, so may have a better chance with Just An Ordinary Lawyer.

  53. Hi Tayo
    What an awesome newsletter…thank you. The videos leave one hungering for more performances… when is your return planned for our island? It is super that you are giving so many performances as I feel sure that you enlighten many with your passion and intensity.
    May the year ahead be kind to you and our poor old planet.
    Love and hugs

  54. Hi Tayo,
    I’ve seen you a couple of times (last time was in October 2017 at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool and I really like your newsletters. So relevant and thought provoking. Keep up the good work! I’m sure you’re making a difference.

  55. Tayo, were you due to perform Lawyer at Doncaster – Cast theatre?

  56. I look forward to seeing Tayo Aluko portraying Robert Mugabe from young revolutionary to King Lear-like end!

  57. Great work. Am proud of you

  58. I enjoyed your performance of Paul Robeson in Llangurig, Powys, some time ago.

    Please explain what you mean “The British Labour Party veering dangerously leftwards under a seemingly genuine socialist!”

    Are you scared of the British Labour Party?

    • Scared? Certainly not. Thrilled for them in fact, given the performances of both main party leaders over the last several months. Sometimes my tongue-in-cheek attempts at irony are misunderstood.

  59. Hello Tayo, I am thrilled to see you will be in south Cumbria at the Heron Theatre at Beetham next April, we will definitely be coming to watch the show there!
    Best wishes, Anne

  60. Rosemary Boateng

    So good to see you moving from strength to strength Tayo here and abroad !

    All the best to you


  61. Just an Ordinary Lawyer

    I really enjoyed the play you presented at the NBTF and the opportunity to experience an international production. Two of the plays I saw were presented by international theatre companies. Thanks for sharing your play with us in the US.

  62. Please contact the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre to request staging Just an Ordinary Lawyer at the Mill theatre, where you performed Call Mr Robson a few years ago. Maybe a repeat of that too? I’ll endeavour to ensure a larger audience.
    All good wishes,

  63. Tayo I remember clearly your magnificent performance of “Call Mr. Robeson” I feel honored to have been able to speak to you after performance, where I had mentioned that my father had known Paul Robeson in Philadelphia before he passed on. Thank you so very much for updating me on your many travels, performing in so many places. Bless you for sharing your talents, your knowledge, and working so hard to educate the people. I am proud to have met a great man such as you. I certainly wish you all the best.

  64. thanks for your recent email with details of your exhausting schedule. particularly liked the Neil Clark article – saw him speak in Frome, where I also saw your moving Robeson play. Keep up the good fight brother

  65. Way to go! keep pushing on!

  66. Hello Tayo.

    Glad you are busy

    Is it worth in the future having a postal vote?

    Best regards
    Gill Dong

    • Thanks Gill. Tried both postal and proxy, thwarted on both counts, but it was a safe seat, thankfully. Take care. T

  67. Congratulations on your award. Keep up the good work !
    Very best wishes from Peter and Pam (now in Cyprus)

  68. February 17, Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coquitlam, BC:
    An outstanding and intriguing performance. I keep thinking now about “rights and priviledges.” Where do they start and end, and who do they belong to.

    John Martyn

  69. Tayo, stay strong. I’m sure your set backs at the border can only make your performances even more resonant! Please continue to kick ass and take names.

  70. Well done my Brother. We are all proud to have you as a Brother. More grease to your elbows !!


    Congratulations on your great UK reviews. I often listen to Loose Ends, but have missed your ‘episode’ so I will try to catch up with that.
    We totally enjoyed your Robeson show in Newcastle and will circulate your news about upcoming UK dates. Such voices needed now more than ever.

  72. Christine DeLancey

    Just saw “Call Mr. Robeson” and it moved me so much, for so many reasons, that I am going back tomorrow to see the matinee. What was the attraction? The beautiful singing, the discovery of an amazing life story, the tugging on the heart strings of passion for social justice, the incredible acting, my respect for Tayo Aluko and his sacrifices to create this piece of art and bring it to the world for our benefit. That’s quite a package, and I feel very fortunate to have experienced it.

  73. I always love reading your emails Tayo, thanks. One of these days I’d love to see a film made about Paul’s trip to Liverpool! Perfect excuse to dramatise the issues with freedom to write around the facts of the journey.

  74. Dear Tayo, just wishing you all the best for your tour of England and the US next year and festive greetings! If anyone is considering seeing your show ‘Just an Ordinary Lawyer’ then seize the opportunity to go. I was privileged to work on the sound effects for Tayo’s Bolton show and thoroughly enjoyed his moving, passionate, humourous and inspirational performance, best wishes Jeff

  75. Hello Tayo, Your performances are so good and above any standards.I enjoyed seeing you perform Mr Robinson in Yellowknife. Even though the evening was cold but I was warm inside enjoying your art! Looking forward to attend them in the next coming year. Enjoy Happy Holidays too.
    Love from the Arctic North of 60.
    Yellowknife is cold today at -45 C .

  76. Hi Tayo! My wife and I sure enjoyed your wonderful portrayal of Paul Robeson when you were in Ashland, Oregon, recently. A Shout Out! to you for all the best in your touring and performances. You are helping to illuminate the world in honoring this Giant of a man!

  77. Amazing performance tonight 21/10/16. Nottingham Playhouse.
    An education. Thank you .

  78. Well done, Tayo!

  79. Wishing you all the best and hoping to catch a show soon

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    You should read about bucksflooder , this might interest you.

  81. Dear Tayo this is just co cool. SO witty and to the point! Well done indeed! Will deffo come and see this when it comes round to our L’pl Playhouse studio. All the best for E’burgh and everywhere else! Rica Bird

  82. Paul Shearsmith

    In the Light of the Chilcot Report here is my song I wrote and recorded in 2006 about the Iraq war. The video is by Z360

    Paul Shearsmith

  83. Marika Sherwood

    You’re wonderful!

    I look forward to seeing your new play!

  84. Tayo – glad to here you alive and well. Sorry missed tickets for unity call by for a beer next time your passing. Regards Don & Ali

  85. Keep motoring Tayo

    If we ain’t got free speech we ain’t got much

    I’ll spread the word about your Bath and Frome shows
    Might see you at one or the other

    Tony W

  86. It is brilliant to hear you still battling on in this way. Best wishes and as much encouragement as I can muster. Peace and Love.

  87. T,
    My family and have seen your work, and it is been fun and frightening.

    We are a British relic, a white working class family, who will fight against any form of prejudice. We did the Somme, Arnhem and Sreb,
    Please take on board that not all white people, turned up to solve “personal issues after they bought the house in Hampstead”

    My Uncle Luke came over on the Windrush, and dated my Mum’s sister Marion, not popular at the time. However her brothers were Royal Fusiliers and had seen it before, and could box a bit. The issue was dissolved. Luke is 90 plus, and still dances better than me.

    White folk do not always join up for a hobby, a fair few were there already !

  88. Jenny and Howard Statham

    Many thanks for the recent very informative newsletter, greatfully positive and upbeat, despite our current world situation. Good luck with your future plans, and a happy, peaceful, and healthy 2016 to you, your family and friends. Very sincerely Jenny and Howard

  89. Excellent newsletter… again. Informative & inspiring. Best wishes Tayo.

    tonight was just amazing in leeds,a real journey that i did not want to end.
    I have known the story all my life ,truly magical how you bring to life such an important story. The audience in the palm of your hand you could hear a pin drop! x

  91. As someone who has seen and enjoyed your show in London, I am sending a link from the CPBML about the current refugee crisis and capitalism’s part in it. … #EU #OutofEU #TUC15
    Good luck with your continuing tour.

  92. Hi Tayo,
    Thanks for the update on your truly inspirational activities. Hope to catch up with you in London.
    in solidarity,

  93. Delighted to hear of your numerous successes Tayo. No more than you deserve. In which park did you shoot the music video? Loved it!
    All the best,
    Lesley x

  94. KEEP UP THE FINE WORK, TAYO. I’m sorry to tell you that the wonderful Frances Aulston, executive director of the Paul Robeson House in Phila., PA died last month (August).

  95. Thanks for the update Tayo. You lay a field of inspiration for all of us.
    Best Wishes,

  96. Always a professional and beautiful newsletter, Tayo, always inspiring. And this time you included a short video in which you recited a poem from our book “Tales of Wo-Chi-Ca.” Thank you very much.

    • Dear June and Gene,
      What a great gift that book was from you, on my first visit to the US in 2008 performing the play. A book that I return to often, for pleasure, information and inspiration.

  97. Bridget Langley

    Great to see you continuing to fight fascism & injustice by channelling my hero Paul Robeson. Pity you have to, & that we can’t simply enjoy the great man and his music. Thank you – and God bless you.

  98. Thank you for another terrific newsletter.

  99. Keep up the good work, Tayo, and more grease to your elbows.

  100. Suitably impressed. Forwarded to my friends. Hopefully we will watch you live. A group of senior groupies!
    Stay on course….Melba

  101. Mildred livingston

    Hey Tayo,
    Always good to get your news! You are always doing such great outreach and educations.
    As a member of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, now celebrating it’s 100th year, in the early days, am sure, we supported Robeson as well as MLK. I always enjoyed seeing your performances. Hope to see you again soon if you come to Northern California, USA. All the best.
    Millee Livingston, USA

  102. I’m glad to hear that you were so well received in Wellington. I hope it runs and runs!
    Best wishes,
    Mrs S Hardman

  103. My favourite comment is ‘it’s like a history lesson presented as art’s it truly is and highly entertaining. Well done Tayo you’re doing a great job.
    Next stop Alabama?!!! Haha. I notice the League of the South are fighting for working peoples rights and so was Robeson, I’m sure they’d appreciate the commonality.
    Good luck with the rest of the tour,

  104. Fay and Michael Corfe

    Hi Tayo,
    Congratulations and many of them. You have done wonders since those early days in Liverpool. Your show is educating a whole new generation and hopefully warning them against the rather nasty prejudices that still linger in so many societies.
    We hope to get to another one of your performances soon.
    Love from Fay and Michael

  105. Hello Tayo
    Great works, you are doing an awesome work in your performance, I had the opportunity to meet Nelson Mandela
    when he came to Canada, he met with our organization from Halifax “Free Mandela” there was approximately 20 of us that traveled to Toronto. He was so inspirational, we all learned a lesson from him of forgiveness. I will never forget that, I pray as you continue you works like that of Mandela and all other you choose to protray in the future. May God continue to pour his blessing upon you. I look forward to your visit to Halifax again and being in your presence as you bring the truth of our ancestors.
    Dolly Williams

  106. Thank you Tayo, for all the info in your Newsletter and then for all that you are doing.
    Refused a visa to the USA? Difficult to believe. Can you query the Embassy here?
    As for MLK – I always thought he was killed because he had begun to criticise the USA re Vietnam. As Malcolm X had to be killed for asking the OAU to take up the issue of racial discrimination/inequality in the USA at the UN; and probably for his espousal of African unity and also for talking on socialist platforms.

  107. As expected these things happen. I know you will persevere. Have you reached out to Gale King and Oprah? It’s outrageous indeed!
    Congratulations you have such great stage presence. You are destined for greatness! Hang in there.
    Thanks for sharing.

  108. I am sorry that the powers that be in the USA are just as bad under Obama as they are under the Republicans. Obama has people in his administration that shows that sometimes it makes no difference what side of the fence you come from as incompetent people work on all sides.
    If you were in New York last week and you did your visa that was approved, it is funny that now it is not.
    Keep up the good work.

  109. Thaddeus Govan Jr

    HI Tayo,

    Thank you for your tireless work in “times like these.” I’m working on a exhibition/book project to photograph Jazz musicians at the Paul Robeson House in Philadelphia. Fran has accepted the basic proposal, and now the work begins.
    Stay well, safe travels, and God’s best blessing!

  110. Dear Tayo,
    You are a true beacon of hope. I have seen Call Mr Robeson (at Tristan Bates theatre London) three times and would happily see it again. It was a rare find, having lloked for something cultural showing mid week that was more than entertainment I was very intigued and quietly excitedmwhen I saw your play advertised.
    Then on arrival to find you had written such incisive and current production notes, relating the themes of the play to the day’s global news events, no mean feat!
    Again, I cannot overstate how rare this is, both your passionate committment and your artistic achievement and endurance, really phenomenal. The play is a jewel, it lives on so powerfully in the heart and mind, so tender, rugged and lyrical.
    It is a most terrific living testament to Paul Robeson and his ideals, most of all it is an inspiration to the spirit of all humanity, drawing forth the compassion, courage and dignity that are so sorely tested by the ravages of war and capitalism.

  111. As an Englishman who had the pleasure and privilege of meeting, shaking hands, and speaking with Paul Robeson as a15 1/2 year old at a concert in London on 20th April 1949 (and for which I still have the programme) l now have the pleasure and privilege of having Tayo as a friend. Thanks to my enlightened parents Paul has been a part of my life from early infancy and I am, motivated by Tayo’s show, actively engaging with black people here – many of them complete strangers – in the street, in supermarkets, and wherever the opportunity arises to make them aware of how important he was in their fight for freedom and equal rights. Sadly, it appears that less than 3% have ever heard of Paul, but on the positive side, once l have given them some background they all become keen to know more and follow him up on the Internet.

  112. Hi Tayo, great to see you’re still relentlessly carrying the flag for a great & unrecognised man, and for the fight against bigotry, injustice and poverty. Must say I concur with “Dom”, as a Derry born woman, but I know that you are only interested in the truth, and humanity in the world. Keep well Tayo, God bless you, Bridget.

  113. So glad you are going to South Wales, where Paul was once a regular visitor, and well-loved.
    My own personal recollection of “meeting” Paul Robeson was as a child (in the 1940s) listening to a record playing “Trees” which I fell in love with.
    I thought that, since it was a recording, it must mean that the singer was dead, since all other recordings played in the home were of dead composers.
    So happily I learned that this was not the case, and went to outdoor meetings in London, and listened to his voice over the telephone (Wembley Arena Daily Worker annual birthday meeting) when his passport had been revoked, and have been entranced by his voice ever since whenever it has been heard.
    Great newsletter.

  114. We follow your developments closely and wish you well, Tayo. Congratulations!
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada looks forward to you returning to be with us one day.

  115. Jim Dunkley, France

    Hi Tayo
    Great article. I hope Mr McQueen puts you in the movie.
    PS When are you going to get the time to come skiing with us?
    Jim & Gwyneth

  116. So good to hear from you and how so many have and will be enjoying and appreciating your performances. Hope all goes well.
    Not sure if you know that Enid (Johnson) has developed Altzeimers? She is still sharper than most of us but very forgetful and quite distressed because she is completely aware of what is happening. I’m sure she’d love to hear from you if you have time before it’s too late.
    Hope to see you again one of these days! Best wishes, Cynthia from Abakaliki!

  117. ChristinaKetchen

    What an opportunity for you to re-enact Mandela’s speech.
    I am so pleased for you and you’ll do it wonderfully well.
    Really glad you are getting the recognition (and engagements) you deserve.
    Its good to hear from you.

  118. Millee Livingston

    Always good to hear from you and your bookings!…am happy that you are busy and spreading the word about peace, freedom and justice. Hope to see that you will be back in this area of the United States so we can see you again.
    All the best,
    Millee Livingston
    Auburn, California, USA

  119. Tayo,
    Congratulations on being asked to perform a Nelson Mandela speech! I’m sure you will do well. I saw your Paul Robeson show at Arena Stage, Washington, DC, USA, 2 years ago and thought you were great! I look forward to the newsletters.
    July 10, 2014

  120. Premilla Pillay

    Congratulations on your work re art and politics. Wonderful opportunities celebrating your talent.
    Wishing you well on your tour.

  121. So happy for you!! You have accomplished so much in the past few years… it’s really wonderful!

  122. Tayo,
    The Roundhouse and World Merit Day sound brilliant opportunities.
    Best wishes,

  123. Get in Tayo….so pleased for you….good luck with all your up to 🙂

  124. re vital; the comparisons unhelpful. Anyway after that rant, can I wish you the best for your shows in the autumn, and I do hope you make it back to NI. I saw you a couple of years ago doing the Robson show in Armagh and thought it was excellent. Best wishes.

  125. Tayo, to describe the IRA as ‘an offshoot of one of the historically warring Christian sides’ is incredibly naïve and shows no understanding of the situation. Religion was never a major factor in the NI conflict (despite some extremely simplistic reporting to the contrary). Religion is definitely no longer in play and (although a few steps behind) NI is largely a secular society. Less than 30% of the population attend any type of religious service. NI society has moved on from the troubles with the organisation who planted the bomb enjoying no community support. I thought the tone of your piece was this bigotry was unique needs to be confronted. Nothing could be further from the truth. These are a few fanatics who are withering on the vine. Society has left them behind. As for the pastor we are hardly unique in having a right-wing nutjob spouting bile. Or racist thugs. Quite a some of them in GB. As for the USA the pastor would be a liberal by some of their standards!

    • Dom, a misreading (or miswriting) of one out of a hundred or more sentences. I didn’t name the IRA, and what I heard was that the bombers were an offshoot of the IRA, who were generally Catholics, no? It’s a newsletter, I had been in NI, and I was relating what had happened there when I happened to be visiting. I also mentioned bigotry elsewhere, the point being that this madness seems to be worldwide, however complicated and nuanced the situation is in each place.

  126. The opera singer turns philosopher! I enjoyed this Tayo. Only this morning at the dentist we were discussing the value of History.As a retired teacher of the subject I can only concur with her view that people need to know what went before in order to understand today. Islam should be taught from its origins if we are to see where Sunni/Shiite conflict comes from, and Ireland should be taught from medieval times rather than from the 70s. Gets off soapbox.
    love, Anne

  127. Thank you for bringing some awareness to the political issues. I’m glad you are doing this work and using art to discuss politics.
    Thank you, Femi

  128. A very interesting newsletter. As one of the Editors of the Workers Music Association members’ Bulletin, I shall, hopefully you will be agreeable, use some of the text in the upcoming issue, as the sentiments expressed are exactly what I believe the WMA stands for.
    Fascinating how Paul’s influence still lives on.

  129. Another excellent newsletter, glad things are going well for you.
    Looking forward to details of the next London visit.

  130. I love getting your emails – they are a really good read and often open my eyes to news I would not have read elsewhere (I wonder why?….)
    Good luck with your touring too!

    • Thanks, Sue. I am agreeable, of course!

      • I had the very good fortune to see you perform here in Portland Oregon in “Call Mr Robeson” in a small theater on a quiet tree lined street. Your performance was superb. What a stroke of luck for me to have had that opportunity within walking distance of my home to see – you – coming all the way from the UK.

        I find your newsletters interesting and informative. Thank you for taking the time.

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