British Nigerian Artist Acknowledges White Supremacy. Oct 12, 2023

British Nigerian Artist Jumps Red Light in View of Policeman, and Lives to Tell Tales of Africa Rising. Sept 5, 2023

British Nigerian Promotes Cluster Bombs: Going Cheap While Stocks Last… July 13, 2023

British Nigerian Artist States that Nelson Mandela Was a Convicted Criminal June 8, 2023

British Nigerian Artivist Awarded Badge of Honour in Criminal Court. May 10, 2023

British Nigerian Has His Day In Court April 27, 2023

British Nigerian Artist Lauds the Great and the Good, But Shoots the Ugly
March 24, 2023

Nigerian Artist Finds the British Revolting. 6 October, 2022
British Nigerian Artivist Creates and Smuggles Dangerous Voice Amplification Weapon Out of Police Custody 16 August, 2022

Nigerian Actor Spends 6 Days on Greek Coast Watching A Life DRIFT Away. 23 June, 2022

British Nigerian Artivist Experiences Detention, Almost At Her Majesty’s Pleasure. April 2, 2022

Middle-Aged British Nigerian Artist Basks in Glory of Liverpool and African Youth. 7 February, 2022

Nigerian Artist Contemplates Loss of British Citizenship After Staging Birthday Concert. 27 December 2021

British Nigerian Artist Enjoys Learning Exchange in “Class” 4 November, 2021

British Nigerian Artivist Mourns Passing of Western Journalism  9 September, 2021

British Nigerian Artist Temporarily Emerges From Lockdown With Optimism (and Foreboding).  29 June, 2021

Despairing Not, Nigerian Artist Continues to Write and Sing In Worldwide Quest for Peace and Justice. May 13, 2021

International Stations Announced for April 9 World Premiere Broadcast of Paul Robeson’s Love Song April 3, 2021

Nigerian Writer Dedicates Bitter/Sweet Love Song to His Hero, to His Motherland and Her Three Queens. March 7, 2021

Nigerian Artist Escapes Liverpool Lockdown and Travels Round The World in 12 Hours. Oct 20, 2020

US Death Row Prisoner’s Pandemic Exposure Linked to Black British Festival
September 18, 2020

New Global Pandemic Traced to Nigerian Writer in Liverpool July 18, 2020
Urgent update, 5 August 2020

Nigerian Artist Applauds African Goddesses Who Shout “We Can’t Breathe!”
May 28, 2020

British Nigerian Writer Sets Emigration Date to South Korea for Easter Sunday 2020 
March 27, 2020

Nigerian Gains Admission Into “Classy” US Group Feb 8, 2020

“Picanniny” From “The People’s Republic of Liverpool” Loses His “Watermelon Smile,” … But Smells A Rat Dec 16, 2019

British Nigerian Writer Shares International Prize With “Other,” Thousands Gather On Streets In Celebration/Protest. October 21, 2019

British Nigerian Singer Mistaken for “Museum Bomber” In Former War Zone of Derry/Londonderry. 21 August 2019

Rioting Not Anticipated as British Nigerian Artist Prepares to Resurrect Dead American in Peekskill, USA  July 3, 2019

British Nigerian Artist, Fleeing Brexit, Finds Collusion and Hope on Travels.
April 19, 2019

Sinister Side of Celebrated(?) African Artist Exposed In Shocking New Film Feb 12, 2019

Nigerian Artist Escapes British Prison, Marvels at “Blue Wave” Sweeping American Politics – From Africa Nov 26, 2018

White Man in Blackface? Black Skin, White Mask: Artist Confused and Wrong-footed by KKK Infiltration & Celebrity “Passings” Sept 12, 2018

Nigerian Artist Spotted Driving High-Performance Luxury Vehicle After Mysterious Car Fire. July 12, 2018

After Dining with “Visionary” Artist By English Lake, Nigerian Artist Wakes Up in Harare, New York
May 9, 2018

Unknown Nigerian Artist’s Encounter with North American Policeman Reignites Cold War and Civil War Threats. March 22, 2018

Artist Attends “Lynching” in Liverpool, Takes Inspiration From Dead Men’s Words
February 5, 2018

Naïve Nigerian Artist Hails Mugabe As Saviour of the World. November 20, 2017

Nigerian Artist Admits Responsibility for “Red Luurve” Outbreak in Small Corner of Europe October 5, 2017

Robeson & Global Terrorism: The Evidence. Britain’s First Black Judge Presiding, In Edinburgh, Lagos, English Towns.  August 18, 2017

British/Nigerian Artist Contemplates Private Jet for International Touring Schedule.  June 29, 2017

British Nigerian Champions “Communist Terrorist Sympathiser” for PM Job, Attempts Quick Getaway via Brighton, to Lagos. May 18, 2017

Nigerian Actor Shouts, “May Day! May Day!” In Voice of Black German Nazi Survivor. April 5, 2017

Nigerian Artist Fêted in American City, Detained At Canadian Border, Ponders Mental Health Doubts, Reincarnation. Feb 17, 2017

Arctic Adventurer Discovers Thriving African Community Near North Pole, Plans Major London Expedition. December 19, 2016

Britain’s First Black Judge Declared Fit for Touring Circuit Following Release of New Evidentiary Footage. November 5, 2016

Top Judge Admits Double Life, and Involvement in “Fiery Activism” Live on TV. September 8, 2016

African Judge Tries Tony Blair, Despite Having Demanded, and Received, Advance Payments (Shock Wikileaks Revelation) July 7, 2016

Rumours of Global Star’s Demise Dispelled; Needy Offspring With “Dodgy” Politics Unveiled. May 5, 2016

Exposed: Nigerian Quietly Giving “Heavyweight” Backing to American “Terrorist Organisation.” 22 Feb 2016

Nigerian Receives US Visa at Motorway Service Station, Changes Image and “Radicalises” White American Student 10 December 2015

Black Artist Goes on “Pilgrimage” to Sites of Segregation, Fascism & Execution 18 September 2015

Artist Takes on Might of USA and Fascists, in Company of A Few Hippies and Radicals 22 July 2015

Artist Witnesses Assassination Attempt And Publicly Supports “Lynch Mob” Action 6 May 2015

Mr. Robeson Sells Out, “Said Stalin is a Great Guy”(?), Gets Rave Reviews Down Under 18 March, 2015

Nigerian-British Artist Denied US Visa for Supporting Obama in “I Can’t Breathe” Campaign January 15, 2015

Oscar-Winning Director Steve McQueen in Nigeria for Talks with “Complete Unknown” About Robeson Biopic Role Nov 20, 2011

Young White Brit Newly Interested in Black History, But Not In Ebola October 3, 2014

Madiba and Dr. King Join Mr. Robeson on UK Tour, Autumn 2014 August 22, 2014

Mandela, Malala and Me July 8, 2014

Muslims and Nigerians in Northern Ireland, and What Happens? Bigotry and Bombs! June 13, 2014

Nigerian Immigrant’s Daughter Successfully Releases Global Viral Threat to Mankind From London. April 24, 2014

Peace, Shame, Pride and Inspiration from an Arican Abroad Feb 26, 2014



Paul Robeson in Festivals Every Bloomin’ Where! July 26, 2013

Nigerian Impersonator Attains Presidency in Birmingham, Sets Eyes on London May 14, 2013

Nigerian Writer Gets Four Weeks After Putting “Socialism” Tag on Obama March 20, 2013

Article: Is Socialism Now Back On the Agenda in Obama’s 2nd Term? Jan 2013

Dec 31, 2012

A Tale of Two Cities and Other Writings by the Famous Mr. Robinson November 12 2012

Call Mr. Robeson Keeps Rollin’ (Or Slidin’?) Into Autumn 2012 Sept. 13, 2012

Call Mr. Robeson Collects New Awards, Friends, … and Rainwater! July 16 2012

The Audacity of Peace – in the American South. May 29 2012

With Danny Glover in London, Before Mr. Robeson Croydon and US/Canada Tour May 4 2012

Mr. Robeson Off West End for 3 Weeks, then Off to Charleston SC, London Ontario and Washington DC, May – July! April 11 2012

A Standing Ovation at Carnegie Hall!?! For Me?? March 3, 2012

Diplomatic Incident Threatening Carnegie Hall Appearance Averted February 7, 2012

Hold the Front Page! Days Left to Mr. Robeson at Carnegie Hall! January 25, 2012

Mr Robeson Trailer Released ahead of Carnegie Hall Performance December 18, 2011

Tayo in Ormskirk with Mr. Robeson (Nov 17th) and Charity Gig with BBC’s Roger Phillips and others, (Nov 19th) November 4 2011

WMDs To Be Unleashed in London This Sunday, 2nd October, 2011 September 29, 2011

Mr. Robeson Carnegie Hall Tickets Go On Sale!.. September 4, 2011

Mr. Robeson Starts New Summer/Winter Relationship With America July 27, 2011

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