Interviews and Press

April 2, 2020: BBC Radio 3 Essay. Zog Nit Keynmol. 4 of 5 in Series Paul Robeson in Five Songs Trailer

March 29, 2019: Guest, BBC Radio Merseyside

RT Sputnik image Interview and performance on RT’s Sputnik, July 2017

BCfm Interview, 17 November 2009

In Conversation with Dean Sullivan, Radio City, 20 November, 2008

Radio New Zealand National. Extended Interview with Kim Hill, Saturday 28 Feb 2015

“I was especially glad … to have taken my 13 year old son to see it.” Blog piece in Bat Bean Beam Feb 2015

Podcast: Better off Read. Episode 11. In conversation with Pip Adam, Wellington, New Zealand, February 2015

Preview, Dom Post, Wellington, NZ

Front Cover Photo, Guardian Life Magazine, Nigeria, Jan 8 2012

BBC Radio 4 Loose Ends with Clive Anderson. First broadcast Saturday October 12, 2013.
Click here to listen (Tayo’s interview starts at 33.48)

“Paul Robeson” At the Teachers’ Strike, London, October 17 2013

In conversation with Anna Chen on Resonance FM, Tuesday 19th November 2013

Article bv Tayo: Morning Star, May 3 2012

Playbill, US. February 2012

Liverpool Echo, January 2012

Interview with Fringe Review, Edinburgh 2010

Three Weeks Interview, Edinburgh 2010

Central Fife Times Feature, August 2010

Article, Kenyon Hall, February 2009

South Wales Argus 8 October 2010

TV: ITV Wales. Wales Tonight, October 28 2010

Redeye, Vancouver Community Radio, 13 February 2010

Charlotte Talks, Charlotte, North Carolina, 3 March 2010

Washington Post Preview, November 2009

Youtube: International Brigade 75th Anniversary Gala, London October 2011

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